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Battery Charging Contacts

VAHLE has developed a wide variety of charging contacts for any application. VAHLE’s BLS/BLK contacts are the industry standard; first developed for opportunity charging of AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) batteries. These contacts are available in a wide range of options including fully customized shapes, sizes and colors. Additionally, VAHLE’s SLS contacts have been developed as a compact solution for opportunity charging of mini-shuttles and AS/RS machines along with other applications.

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System Operation

Standard contact plates consist of a typically floor mounted “base plate” wired to consumer’s battery charging system and “collector” mounted to an AGV or other moving vehicle. Typically these base plates are mounted at scheduled stops along the vehicles path, allowing charging without interruption of processes. VAHLE’s SLS contacts take this a step further; available in continuous lengths up to 4 meters allows for charging while the vehicle remains in motion.

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BLS/BLK Contacts & SLS Contacts

Battery Charging Contacts Battery Charging Contacts

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