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Festoon Cable Systems

cable festoon system Festoon cable systems are used to manage cables and hoses which provide power or necessary gaseous/liquid media to moveable machinery. Vahle provides a variety of festoon systems that are most suitable to the application or environment that a cable management system is being used. Below are the different track system configurations provided:

C-Track Systems - Used for standard overhead cranes, gantry cranes, water treatment plants and car wash systems, the C-track system is Vahle’s most economical and dependable system.

I-Beam Systems - Generally used for heavy duty applications such as bulk handling facilities and port container cranes that use flat or round cables.

Square/Diamond Track Systems - Diamond track systems are especially well suited for curved systems that are being used in a dusty or dirty environment. The enclosed shape and slope of the tracks prevent an abundant build-up of dirt and can be easily washed down on a regular basis.

K1 PVC Track Systems - This track system is Vahle’s exclusive solution for extremely corrosive environments. The PVC construction and Stainless hardware uses “glider” type cable carriers instead of wheels that can be manufactured with custom curves. These features make it a suitable solution for acid baths, galvanizing plants or sewage treatment facilities. This system can withstand extreme temperature ranges from -20°F - 130°F.

General Information

All tracks can be bent in accordance with the track layout under consideration of the minimum bending radii and the cable loop depths. Naturally, we manufacture our cable festoon systems in accordance with VDE regulations.

In addition to the power supply, cable festoon systems can guide a large number of control lines and optical fiber cables, which optionally can also be moved with control carriers independent of the power loads. We offer a wide range of solutions with accessories in a separate catalog.

We also have a solution for extremely corrosive environments. Our product range includes non-rusting, acid-proof, and seawater-resistant festoon cable systems, as well as accessories for the various cable management systems.

Festoon System Variations

Track Type Dimensions [mm] Festoon Cable Series Material of
Carrier Body
Suitable for
Cable Type
S1 30 x 32 WS 1 Plastic Flat and
round cables
WST 1 Galvanized steel
S 2 40 x 40 WS 2 Plastic
WST 2 Galvanized steel
S 3 50 x 50 WST 3 Galvanized steel Flat cables
K 1 44 x 46 WK 1 Stainless steel Flat and
round cables
Square Track V 3 30 x 30 WV 1 Light metal Flat cables
I-shaped Profile INP

W 20
W 25 - W 30
W 35 - W 40
W 110
Light metal
Light metal
Light metal
Flat cables
Flat and
round cables
Flat cables
Round cables

Festoon Cable System with accessories


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