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Cable Reels

VAHLE cable reels are used to supply power and/or control to moveable equipment with automatic winding and storage of flexible cables. Available as light to medium duty spring operated cable reels or as heavy duty motor-powered cable reels. Dependable heavy duty construction of cable reels and a wide variety of model types allow for a solution to any application.

Spring Operated Cable Reel Features

  • All cable reels correspond to VDE and UVV accident prevention regulations
  • Standard slip rings rated for up to 600v DC
  • Reel drive achieved via helical springs, typically lasting more than 120,000 work cycles
  • Multiple payout types available
  • Corrosion protected
  • Ideal for medium duty applications such as gantry cranes, construction cranes, electric hoists, and material handling equipment.

Spring Loaded Cable Reels

Motor Powered Cable Reel Features

  • Drive system includes: Three-phase motor with compact drive unit, three-phase motor with frequency inverter and torque motor
  • Mono spiral reel bodies with spokes manufactured to be adjustable to width and various cable diameters
  • Safety brake to eliminate uncontrolled cable payout
  • Double spiral bodies available for parallel winding of 2 cables
  • Optional limit switch to avoid full payout of cable for increased safety
  • Corrosion protected

Motor Powered Cable Reels

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