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Open Conductor Systems

Individual conductors installed on insulators for high amperage / high voltage heavy duty applications. Systems: Steel-Copperhead, Aluminum-Copperhead, Fiberglass-Copperhead.

Battery Charging Systems

Opportunity charging contacts and plates for charging of batteries for applications such as AGVs.

Unipole Insulated Conductor Systems

Individual copper conductors in a PVC housing. Can be stacked for multiple poles. optional galvanized steel, stainless steel, aluminum-stainless steel conductors.

Enclosed Multiple Conductor Systems

Multiple copper conductors in an enclosure (aluminum or PVC housing). Available in 4 to 11 conductors and amperage capacities from 30 to 300+.

Heavy Enclosed (trench) Conductor Systems

Any of Vahle's conductor systems can be used in a heavy enclosed system. The system features cover plates and lifting bogies for trench systems and heavy duty enclosures for above ground systems.

Cable / Hose Festoon Systems

For flat or round cables or hoses. C-Track systems (galvanized, stainless steel or PVC), I-Beam carriers, motorized cable carriers. Flat or round cables and cable fittings.

Cable Reels

Small to medium size reels for various payout/retrieve applications.

Communications / Positioning

Powercom® 485 - Data Transmission System - This system uses VAHLE conductors (2) to communication via a 485 network to multiple vehicles on a system. This system can be used with power conductors to provide a complete power/communication system.

SMG Slotted Microwave Guide - Data communication via an enclosure (aluminum waveguide). The system is immune from outside interference and does not cause interference. SMG can operate up to 6 channels of communication and can be configured to work with common industrial PLC networks (plus voice, video and Ethernet).

CPS® - Contactless Power Supply

Inductive (non-contact) power transmission to mobile vehicles. Optional data transmission and inductive guidance.

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