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Conductor Bar Systems

Paul Vahle patented the original conductor bar in 1912 when he created the steel copperhead conductor bar system. This conductor bar system is still in use today.

Conductor bar systems are known by a variety of names including but not limited to:

Buss Bars, Conductors, Conductor Bars, Powerail, Conductor Rail, Trolley Bar, Trolley Duct, Hot Rail, & Enclosed Rail

The main function of a conductor system is to transfer electricity from a stationary source to a mobile user (mobile electrification systems). Stationary conductor rails are mounted along the path of a vehicle that requires electric power. The stationary conductors are connected to a main power source. A current collector is mounted on the moving vehicle and is installed to make contact to the electrified conductors. The current collector is comprised of electric brushes that feed electricity into wires powering the vehicle. The concept is similar to track lighting except that with track lighting the lights don’t move. For our systems the vehicle can move while picking up power from the conductor rails. Or can also stand still. The moving vehicle can be anything from a vehicle on an amusement ride, a crane unloading a ship, to production carriers on an assembly line.

Types of Conductor Bar Systems

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