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Port Technology & Container Handling Equipment

Today’s modern ports have extremely demanding applications that require reliable and robust solutions. Down time due to mechanical failures or breakdowns is extremely costly to operators. More and more ports are turning to the expertise of VAHLE to meet these demands. VAHLE conductor bar and cable management systems offer safe and reliable electrification designed to withstand the environmental hazards and stress of port operation. Additionally, VAHLE’s E-RTG systems and SMG data systems offer ports unprecedented production capabilities.

Port Electrification Solutions

Port Data Solutions

At VAHLE, we understand the importance of reducing downtime during critical operations. Every second of reduced operations in your port can be extremely costly. To combat this VAHLE offers engineered solutions designed to meet the unique and complex demands faced in port applications. Additionally, VAHLE solutions not only make your port more reliable, we can help bring it to the next level with advanced automated solutions, such as ERTG's and port container handling equipment, designed to reduce operation costs and significantly increase productivity.

Common Applications

  • ERTGs
  • Container Handling

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