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Open Conductor Bar Systems

While working in a steel mill in 1912, Paul Vahle began designing more effective and safer methods of mobile power transfer. At the time, the common method was traveling wires which did not provide a secure contact, generated a lot of sparks and broke easily.

The result of his efforts was the original conductor bar and it is still in operation today. The standard version is a copper bar mounted onto a T-Shaped steel beam. The copper bar transfers the electrical current safely while the T-bar provides a robust and reliable mount.

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Advantages of Open Conductor Bar Systems

  • Rigid and sturdy conductor bars ensure efficient and continuous electrical contact
  • Increased safety due to elimination of sparking
  • Cost saving with low maintenance needs
  • Compact and light weight for reduced support and space needs
  • Curve sections possible for custom applications
  • Strong resistance to temperature & environmental conditions

Today, VAHLE open conductor bar systems are a proven solution and used in a variety of heavy-duty applications including:

  • Steel Mills / Foundries
  • Loading bridges
  • Container handling equipment
  • Monorails
  • Coking Plants

Additionally, VAHLE has continued to improve upon the original design for specialized needs by offering:

  • Fiberglass conductor rails for extreme corrosive environments
  • Aluminum systems for lower weight and greater conductivity
  • Solid copper for heavy duty applications

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Profile Type Rail Profile Conductor Max Amp @ 60% Selection Guide
A20 L20 Steel Copper 580
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Mild Power
  • No Environmental Concerns
A20 Aluminum Copper 580
F35 F35 Steel Copper 940
  • Indoor/Outdoor Systems
  • Medium Power
  • Mild Environmental Concerns
A35 Aluminum Copper 1035
F45 F45 Steel Copper 940
  • Indoor/Outdoor Systems
  • High Power
  • Corrosive Environment
A45 Aluminum Copper 1870
C 20-60 C20-60 Copper Copper 3050
  • Indoor/Outdoor Systems
  • ExtremePower
  • High heat and/or Intense Environmental Conditions

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