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The Data Communication Difference

Vahle Inc. manufactures data communication solutions for mobile applications that are among the best in the industry and allows for full automation.  Data communication solutions unique to VAHLE are the Slotted Microwave Guide system and the VAHLE Powercom® system.

The VAHLE SMG (Slotted Microwave Guide) system offers state of the art technology that is not available or offered by any other company. There are over 1500 installations worldwide and many more in the planning stages.

The SMG system is immune from RFI and EMI and is suitable for communication up to 10 Mbps. Multi-channel function offers the possibility of simultaneous transmission of video, voice and Emergency Stop. The E-Stop is TÜV certified. SMG is FCC certified and requires no site licensing.

THE VAHLE Powercom® system has been refined into a compact integrated communication unit that is used with the very popular and dependable VAHLE conductor bar systems.

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