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The work-horse of the container handling industry is the Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) crane. For over 50 years, these heavy duty cranes have been a staple at ports worldwide. Typically powered by diesel engines, these cranes require constant maintenance and fuel management to remain operational. In addition to costs, ports have begun to feel the pressure to become more “Green” by local authorities and governments.

electrified rubber tired gantry crane

Why Electrify Your Rubber Tired Gantry Crane?

VAHLE eRTG solutions integrate easily and seamlessly with your current RTG systems. As the retrofitting of an existing RTG can be a complex project, the container management decisions are driven by operational requirements. Some of the major challenges raised by container terminals in using cable reels include:

  • Significant additional weight and possibly mechanical structural modifications on the RTG
  • The need to unplug and plug in again to change aisles
  • Cable alignment between RTG and container stack and additional cable protection to avoid damage
  • Additional measures have to be taken if a number of RTGs are to operate in any one lane

In response to these and other concerns, VAHLE engineers have developed our E-RTG program. This program combines proven VAHLE electrification, data & positioning systems to offer ports a complete alternative to traditional diesel generators. The key focus points of this program include safety and security, operational costs, reliability, and environmental aspects.

E-RTG Conversion Advantages

By converting traditional RTGs into VAHLE E-RTGs our customers enjoy significant benefits including:

  • 95% savings of diesel consumption
  • Reduction of operation costs up to 70%
  • Reduction of maintenance costs (diesel generators) up to 70%
  • Significant reduction of greenhouse emissions & noise pollution
  • Automated aisle entry/exit for increased productivity

No matter the port size or layout, VAHLE has an E-RTG solution that will work for you. For more detailed information, please click here* or contact us directly to speak with an E-RTG specialist.

Additional E-RTG features

In addition to the great benefirts meanioned aboce, our E-RTG Technology also includes:

  • Seamless synchronisation
  • Auto-steering system
  • Anti-collision system
  • Data communication system
  • Positioning system
  • Energy recovery system

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