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Heavy Enclosed Conductor Bar Systems

Heavy Enclosed Conductor Bar SystemsFirst developed in 1925, VAHLE heavy enclosed conductor bar systems are the proven solution for safe power supply for large material handling equipment such as dockside cranes, loading bridges and container handling systems. It is specifically designed for environments where overhead or bare conductors can present hazards or in situations where space is at a premium.

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Underground Conductor System

For heavy-duty underground conductor bar systems, ducting is installed underground flush with the ground, with the top of the duct accessible via a series of hinged plates that are interconnected to a continuous steel ribbon. The conductor rail inside the ducting is connected to the crane via an articulate towing arm that lifts the ribbon while riding along the system. In addition, the ribbon allows for the duct to double as a catwalk or even to carry heavy wheel loads.

Any VAHLE conductor rail system can be installed within the ducting. The overall system can accommodate as many cranes as the underlying conductor rails will support.

Above-Ground Heavy Conductor System

VAHLE’s surface-mounted ducting system is used in areas where below-ground trenches are not an option. The conductor bars are arranged laterally or upright-mounted at the bottom of the duct. The current collector is built to allow for up to 150mm of misalignment between the crane rail and conductor.

Two basic options of above-ground conductor system are available:

FK System

Heavy enclosed conductorVAHLE's FK system is an above-ground heavy duty steel enclosed conductor system designed for electrification of heavy OHT (overhead hoist transport) cranes, container handling facilities and other installations with movable machinery. The FK system is ideal for confined applications because the collector trolley doesn't require an extra runway.

Application: Heavy OHT cranes or gantry cranes with high dust ratio and outdoor systems.

Guard Rail System

Heavy enclosed conductorThe VAHLE CP-Crashproof Conductor Line system is a combination of a guide rail and a safety electrification system. Manufactured with steel of a maximum thickness of 12 mm, the U-shaped housing is built to be rain-, snow- and dust-proof, and accidental contact with the enclosed conductors is impossible.

Our heavy enclosed conductor bar systems are the industry solution for heavy equipment electrification needs. Contact us to learn more.

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