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U10 Insulated Crane Busbar System

U10 Insulated Busbar System The insulated conductor system U10 is a busbar system used for supplying main power and signal current, as well as data transmission (Powercom), especially for overhead crane systems and monorails. Sliprings and multipole slipring units also present no problems.

Capacity: 10 - 100 A.

Insulated Busbars Manufactured Finger Safe

The U10 busbar electrical collectors are finger safe to industry standards VDE 0470-1, protection code IP 21. This saftey regulation is only valid if the copper is housed completely inside the conductor. In hand areas, in which the collectors leave the conductor due to operating conditions, there must be protection against contact installed on site (i.e. barriers or cut-off). This is only necessary for voltages over 25 Volts AC or 60 Volts DC.

The shroud which envelopes the various conductors is an excellent insulator. Therefore our unipole insulated busbars guarantee utmost safety in operation.

Any number of conductors can be installed side by side at minimum space requirement.

Standard rail sections are 6 m long, shorter sections are available.

Usage: Only for indoor systems

U10 Shroud - Electrical Properties
 Dielectric StrengthSpec. resistanceSurface resistanceComparable figure / tracking
DIN 53481IEC 60093IEC 60093IEC 60112
standard shroud: green > 25 kV/mm > 1 x 1016 Ohm x cm 2,1 1015 Ohm CTI 400-1,1
high temp. shroud: gray > 25 kV/mm > 1 x 1014 Ohm x cm 2 1015 Ohm CTI 400-1,1
U10 Shroud - Mechanical Properties
 Flexible strengthTensile strengthUltraviolet resistanceMax relative humidityTemperature rangeFlame ResistanceResistance to chemicals (at + 45C)
ISO 178ISO 178
standard shroud: green 75-85 N/mm2 44-55 N/mm2 Xenon test > 1500 < 100% -30°C up to +55°C flame retardant DIN 41 02 - Klasse B 1; self extinguishing Gasoline, Mineral Oil, Grease, Sulphuric acid 50%, Caustic soda 25% & 50% Hydro-chloric acid, concentrated
high temp. shroud: gray 95 N/mm2 47-65 N/mm2 ± 10 % -30°C up to +85°C
Engineering data
Conductor rail type Cross Sectional area mm2 Leakage distance of covers mm Nominal voltage(3)
Continuos ampere capacity
Resistance Ohm/1000 m Impendanz(2) Ohm/1000 m
Copper Stainless
U10/25 C 25   30 690 100 0,744 0,748
U10/25 E   25 30 690 10 31,328 31,328
Profile Conductor rail type Conductor rail material* Max. continuous current [A] Continuous operation / 35° C
U10 Insulated Conductor System Configuration U10 Copper
Stainless Steel

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