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The Mobile Electrification Systems Difference

The best way to see the difference in VAHLE mobile electrification systems is to compare our VAHLE conductors and VAHLE collectors side by side with our competitor’s components. You will see that VAHLE has quality and design superiority in all key areas including:

Type of Conductor Material

VAHLE Difference: Solid Copper Conductors.

Advantages: Reduced voltage drop; Minimized sparking; Will not peel, crack or deteriorate under normal operating conditions.

Quality and type of joints (plug-in vs. bolted)

VAHLE Difference: We offer plug-in joints when mechanically reliable only. We feature rigid bolted joints for most of our systems.

Advantages: Joint reliability is key to a low maintenance system. Our rigid joints are quality designed for reliable operation.

Consistency, construction and integrity of conductor housing

VAHLE Difference: Our housings are made to specific quality standards to ensure uniformity and consistency.

Advantages: The quality of construction is very important especially as it pertains to safety and resiliency to outside influences.

Type of guiding method for collector assembly

VAHLE Difference: VAHLE collectors are designed to guide on the conductor not the housing or shroud.

Advantages: Shroud guided collectors will eventually wear and crack the shroud / housing causing safety and maintenance issues.

Construction and build quality of collector assemblies

VAHLE Difference: VAHLE collectors are engineered with lift and swivel tolerances, and are of advanced mechanical design.

Advantages: Collector assemblies are critical to system reliability and VAHLE offers the best.

Ability to replace collector parts (wheels, neck etc.)

VAHLE Difference: Individual collector components are replaceable.

Advantages: Better materials and design offer longevity but is also practical and economical to offer replaceable components. Many of our competitors’ offer throw away collectors.

Ability to replace contact brushes only

VAHLE Difference: VAHLE contact brushes are designed as a wear item. We use a brush quality and design that promotes long life between changes.

Advantages: Many competitors’ offer cheaper brushes but they must be changed frequently costing maintenance dollars.

Longevity of the system

VAHLE Difference: VAHLE means quality! Our systems last many years and require minimal maintenance.

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