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VAHLE Systems & Solutions

VAHLE offers a variety of unique and custom solutions for just about any application. Listed below is a sampling of these solutions. Please contact VAHLE directly with your application to determine what solution might be best for you.

BOK System

The compact BOK system has proven itself for many years in various applications such as assembly, testing, commissioning and battery charging. As a load bearing system, BOK is especially useful with production and assembly conveyors when hand tools or control monitors are required.

VMT System »

The multi support profile VMT has been specifically designed to meet the highly diverse requirements of automated storage and retrieval installations, as well as material handling, conveying, or factory automation applications.

KTW System

The KTW-System consists of a galvanized C-track taking the carrier trolleys or other hook-up elements and combines them with our enclosed conductor bar for power supply. As a load bearing system, KTW is especially useful in assembly automation or product testing application.

Sliprings »

Electrical slip rings are shaft-mounted conductive circles or bands. They allow for the uninterrupted transfer of electrical current from stationary to rotary equipment, such as rotating platforms, packaging machinery and cable reels. Standard components of proven VAHLE conductor systems make up special curved units.

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