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VKS 10 Powerail Conductor System

VKS 10 Conductor Bar System VKS 10 is a compact, safe Powerail conductor system protected from contact in accordance with DIN VDE 0470 Part 1 (EN60529). It consists of a flat insulating housing, in which the conductor rails are held. This flat construction allows the direct placement in half profiles and VAHLE carrier profiles. In connection with the newly developed HRL carrier profile, hanging distances up to 4.5 m can be realized without expensive auxiliary structures. According to the phase configuration, in addition to the power supply, there are still 3-6 other conductors available for transmitting signal currents. In addition, the system permits the economical integration of various path-coding systems. With these properties, the VKS 10 system is excellently suited for automatic stackers. It is to be used only for indoor installations and for horizontal arrangements in straight tracks. The standard length is 6 m; shorter lengths are available.

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