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Powerail Conductor Systems Commissioning

Follow these 5 steps for system commissioning:

  1. Check for the proper configuration and installation (refer to the Installation Procedures - consult VAHLE drawing if supplied). It is vital that the location of fixpoint hangers, sliding hangers, expansion sections etc. are per layout drawing and Installation Procedures.
  2. Check the conductor alignment especially at transfer areas. (i.e. check tolerances with a ruler; make test runs and watch a collector travel across the gap)
  3. Check that the proper collector is being used for the system configuration (consult the catalog or a VAHLE Sales Associate). All collectors are keyed to prevent reverse installation. It may be possible to force a collector in reversed but it will be difficult to move. Properly installed collectors will move freely.
  4. Collectors should not vibrate or spark. In case of sparking check for excessive brush wear and/or check that the contact surface is clean.
  5. Make test runs. Without power pull a collector assembly through the entire system. The collector should not grab, stick or jump; if this occurs inspect the area for proper installation. Start with low speeds and inspect all components for proper function.

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