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Powerail Conductor Systems Installation Hints

Hints are not be used as a substitute for the installation instructions. It is critical to read, be familiar with and follow the installation instructions that are available for each conductor system. These hints are designed to assist with and make the installation process go smoothly.

  • When installing components, position the long lip side of the conductor housing towards the track or support structure.
  • Install any curves, switches or other special sections first.
  • For straight systems install the Feed Section first. Position the feed section as closely as possible to the power supply outlet. The connecting cables must not restrict free movement of the powerail system (expansion and contraction due to temperature changes).
  • Anchor this first section with a temporary fixpoint hanger until the system is properly anchored at the recommended fixpoint (anchor) positions. Don't forget to remove the temporary fixpoint hanger afterwards.
  • Position fixpoint hangers as per installation layout or general installation instructions. Fixpoint hangers are always placed at the center of a given run (see exceptions below).


Your system has Telescoping or Expansion sections. These components may be located in the middle of your installation but, for the purposes of hanger placement only, consider these components to be the beginning and ending of a run. You will need to place fixpoint hangers in the middle of each run. For example, if you have 1 expansion section, you will need to install 2 fixpoint hangers in the center of the 2 sections created (see layout below).

Example of KSL 4/60 Powerail


Your system has Entry/Exit Funnels, Transfer Guides or between curves (i.e. closed oval). These components must be fixed in position (consult the instructions, layout drawing or a sales associate) for the placement of fixpoint hangers in these configurations.

  • The standard support spacing for enclosed conductor systems is every 2 m (6.5 ft). You may find that sometimes a hanger bracket will fall on or near a joint. Never install a sliding hanger next to a fixed object (joint, feed box, stiffener clamp etc). The hanger should be moved away from the fixed object with a new hanger bracket or cantilever bracket extention. Sliding hangers allow for expansion and contraction of the powerail (due to temperature changes) out from the fixpoint hangers.
  • The maximum allowable overhang of the powerail at the end of a system or at transfer sections (i.e.position of the first and last support hanger) is a maximum of 500 mm (20 in.) overhang.
  • Make certain that bolted joint splices are tightened and that joint caps are installed inside the housing groves and positioned so that the inside ridges will lock into the housing notches.
  • Do not force collectors into the powerail. Collectors are keyed to prevent them from being installed reversed (phase reversal)
  • Consider using double collector assemblies (for redundancy) for systems where the slightest loss of contact will cause system problems (data signals, variable frequency drives etc.) Also for installations where the equipment remains stationary for extended time periods (while under power).

Also Remember to:

  • Handle all materials carefully, especially non-metallic parts.
  • All components must be kept clean.
  • Make sure that joints and all other connecting points are clean of any residue.
  • Tighten all hardware, using lock washers etc. carefully. Watch for proper alignment between conductor rails and runway (support structure).
  • Install the conductor rails per installation instructions or layout plan if provided. Make sure that the position of expansion joints/section and fixpoint hangers is exactly per layout drawing and instructions.

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