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Powerail Conductor Systems Maintenance

VAHLE conductor systems will provide reliable service when they are properly installed and maintained.

Maintenance is typically limited to checking the contact brushes for wear and periodic system inspections to check for damage due to outside influences. Always disconnect the power source and “lock it out” prior to performing system maintenance.

Basic Systems should be checked every 3 to 6 months. This depends on the environment, speed duty cycle of the equipment. Complex systems (systems with curves, switches, lift stations, turntables, etc.) should be inspected every 1 to 3 months.

The inspections should include the following:

  • Follow steps 1 - 5 under system commissioning.
  • Clean dust and debris from the conductor rail and/or conductor housing as required (see optional components for cleaning assemblies).
  • Remove carbon dust deposits especially in transfer guides and isolating assembly areas.
  • Check that the vertical and horizontal offset at switches, lift stations, etc. is within recommended tolerances (consult catalog).
  • Check that the housing alignment is level, straight and the housing is undamaged. If the powerail is wavy or pulling apart at the joints this indicates an installation issue (see troubleshooting notes).
  • Check that no joint covers are missing or cracked. In this event DIS-CONNECT THE POWER before attempting to replace.
  • Inspect the sliding hangers. The sliding hangers must not be cocked, bent or installed next to a joint cover, stiffener clamp or line feed (this would restrict the necessary movement due to expansion and contraction of the powerail).
  • Check that the proper gap setting is set (as per temperature consult product catalog) for any Expansion or Telescoping Sections.
  • Check collector assemblies for mechanical integrity and brush wear. This can be done via a drop out/inspection section or per the instructions included with the Installation Procedures.

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