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Powercom 485 - Data Transmission System

With Powercom, VAHLE has developed a safe and economic data transmission solution that utilizes existing conductor bar to transmit data signals. This allows a single conductor bar system for both power and data transmission reducing cost and space requirements.

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General Information

The Powercom system operates using 2 conductors from an existing conductor bar system for half-duplex transmission. It has a RS 485 interface as standard, is transparent and does not require BUS-addressing. This enables the uninterrupted and cost effective data transfer between the central control system and the accompanying automation devices.

Technical Data

  • Transmission mode: Half-duplex
  • Transmission speed: 19.2 kbps (RS 485) or 187.5 kbps (SRS 485)
  • Additional Interfaces:
    • Allen-Bradley DH 485
    • MODBUS
    • MPI
    • Suconet
    • Profibus-DP and FMS
  • Supply Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
  • Display: 3 Status LEDs
  • Cable Type: Shielded Twisted-pair data line (connector to interface)
  • Cable Type: Shielded power cable (connection with conductor)

System Overview

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