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Slip Rings

Electrical slip rings are shaft-mounted conductive circles or bands. They allow for the uninterrupted transfer of electrical current from stationary to rotary equipment, such as rotating platforms, packaging machinery and cable reels. Standard components of proven unipole or multipole conductor bar systems make up special curved units.

VAHLE offers various configurations:

  • Slip rings lateral with exterior conductor surface
  • Slip rings lateral with internal conductor surface
  • Slip rings horizontal with suspended conductor surface

VAHLE can provide any combination of electrical slip ring assemblies with mixed ratings for both power and control circuits.

Conductor TypeU 10U 15U 25VKS
Maximum Voltage Rating 5006601000500
Maximum Ampere Rating 80100400120
Minimum DiameterLateral – Exterior400500600400
Lateral – Interior6008002000800
Horizontal – Suspended1000100020001200
Conductor Spacing (in millimeters) 14185018
For detailed information, see following catalogs 2a2c2c4b

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