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Unipole Conductor Systems Commissioning

After the conductor rail installation has been completed, a final, visual inspection of the entire system should be conducted.

Check the following items:

  • Correct placement and spacing of compact hangers.
  • Line-up and correct installation of transfer guides.
  • Correct expansion gaps at rail joints and expansion joints.
  • Tightness of anchor bar screws (U 10 System only).
  • Correct installation of covers at joint splices and feed terminals
  • Loose wires.

After inspection has been completed and any problems have been corrected, run the collector/vehicle through the system at low speeds:

  • Check that the collector is installed and operating throughout the system at the proper working height (especially in curve sections)
  • Follow the vehicle through the entire system and observe the collector passage at switches, turntables and lift stations.
  • Collectors should pass smoothly and always remain in contact with conductor rail.
  • Check the catalog or installation instructions for maximum vertical and horizontal offset at transfer. No sparking should occur at collector brush. Sparking indicates dirt or oxidation on conductors, clean as required.*

Sparking may occur on systems where the collector assembly enters and/or exits the conductor system via a funnel. The size of the spark would depend on the potential (current) on the conductors at the time of entry or exit. Minor sparking is acceptable and should have no detrimental effect to the operation of the system (see also under maintenance). To eliminate sparking a switched or power-up/power down zone would need to be added to the system configuration.

Example of U 10/25 Unipole Conductor System

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