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Unipole Conductor Systems Installation Hints

The installation hints are not to be used a substitute for the installation instructions. You need to read, be familiar with and follow the installation instructions that are available for each conductor system. These hints are designed to assist with and make the installation process go easier.

  • Install any curves, switches or other special sections first.
  • For straight systems start at the Feed Area. Position the feed terminal as closely as possible to the power supply outlet. The connecting cables must not restrict free movement of the powerail system (expansion and contraction due to temperature changes).
  • Anchor this first section with a temporary fixpoint hanger until the system is properly anchored at the recommended fixpoint (anchor) positions. Don't forget to remove the temporary fixpoint afterwards.
  • Consider using double collector assemblies (for redundancy) for systems where the slightest loss of contact will cause operational problems (data signals, variable frequency drives etc.)

Also Remember to:

  • Handle all components carefully, especially non-metallic parts.
  • All components must be kept clean. Make sure that joints and all other connecting points are clean of any residue.
  • Tighten all hardware, using lock washers etc., carefully. Watch for proper alignment between conductor rails and runway (support structure).
  • Install the conductor rails per installation instructions or layout plan if provided. Make sure that the position of expansion joints/section and fixpoint hangers is exactly per layout drawing and instructions.

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