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VAHLE-DETO Control Systems

VAHLE-DETO Control Systems

By partnering with DETO, a leader in control & communication modules, VAHLE-DETO is able to offer integrated conductor bar, positioning, data communication & control systems solutions for rail guided vehicle applications.

Controller Series: ONE | DUAL | MULTI

This newly designed product line offers the ultimate flexibility for future vehicle control system requirements. The modular supply of components allows for simple system modifications or upgrades with standardized components.

  • Modular design of control system component.
  • OLED Display shows plain text for easy troubleshooting.
  • Remote maintenance is possible in conjunction with a conductor bus module.

Communication Series: iCOM

By combining the knowledge and experience of both companies VAHLE-DETO has developed the PCM and Bus Communication Modules. These modules offer the possibility for comprehensive diagnostic and maintenance functions (including remote diagnostics).

  • Short-circuit proof conductor rail contacts and monitoring of the transmission performance.
  • Bus communication via Profinet interface.
  • Firmware and parameter download for all mobile control systems.

Complimentary Sensor Series: iSENS

Due to the increasing requirement for sensor technology in rail guided vehicle applications VAHLE-DETO developed new essential products including: an electronic magnetic switch, distance sensor and optical absolute positioning sensor.

  • Absolute position determination up to 10km total system length with +/- 1mm resolution.
  • Integration with standard collector assembly.
  • Contactless dual camera housing for redundancy and bridging of code gaps up to 40mm (1.57").

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