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VAHLE development establishes new standard for electro mobility

The automobile industry faces great challenges: cars must be environmentally friendly, comfortable and economical. The topic electro mobility therefore becomes a major focal point. This was also the case at the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) 2009 in Frankfurt, Germany where VAHLE could demonstrate its technology leadership with prototypes leading into a new era. With the inductive current transmission CPS® VAHLE offers a revolutionary solution: "We have mastered this technology, have utilized it several hundred times with material handling installations and we are the world leader in this technology segment" states technical director Michael Pavlidis.

If one wants to drive a electric car today one must use a charging cable and find an outlet to "fill-up". This process will take several hours, moreover, even a fully charged battery has a limited range. Contrast this with VAHLE’s revolutionary solution: a contactless charging system based on the CPS® product line. Charging stations for electric vehicles may be installed in parking lots and in garages installed invisible and protected below the concrete surface. The vehicle’s batteries can be charged without having a direct connection when it is parked above the charging conductor cable or even when it drives over it, so there is now wasted time charging batteries. The vehicle need not be positioned precisely above the charging cable a postioning tolerance has been engineered into the system. The current transfer uses the induction principle similar to a transformer. The primary is the conductor cable embedded at the charging station in the floor. The secondary is a pick up installed on the vehicle. The current in the primary cable generates a magnetic field which induces current in the pick up; this current is used to charge the batteries

Contactless energy transfer systems offer a multitude of decisive advantages, e.g. very simplified battery charging; potentially hazardous connecting cable and plugs are completely omitted and obviously need not to be carried in the vehicle; above ground charging stations are not needed thus the system is accident and vandal proof. Technical director Pavlidis reiterated the VAHLE breakthrough innovation which incidentally was successfully tested with streetcars: "Since there is now plug-in connection to charge the batteries, there can be no wear or willful damage. We are in a position to engineer the system for absolutely reliable every day use." That VAHLE is in the forefront of the new technology is evidenced by the fact VAHLE is a member of a standard specifications commission originated by the Government of the German Federal Republic. The members, which included also leading automobile manufacturers, agreed preceeding the IAA on a so called low field standard to eliminate hazards, such as possibly developing heat which could occur during charging. VAHLE was the only IAA exhibitor who could show fully functioning prototypes which already confirm to this new standard.

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