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VAHLE receives ERTG Conversion Project

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VAHLE, a world leader in mobile electrification and data transmission technology, has been awarded an order from Modern Terminals Limited (MTL), Hong Kong's longest established container terminal. A contract signing ceremony was held in Hong Kong on march 8th, 2011.

Recently VAHLE has developed several innovative solutions for the port logistics industry and has become a well-known innovator for environmentally friendly current supply systems for port cranes. Mr. K.T. Lee Modern Terminals' General Manager - Engineering and Planning as well as Chairman of the Environmental Committee confirmed the company has been continuously reducing carbon dioxide emission generated from RTGs, a major source of carbon dioxide emissions during terminal operation.

At MTL 81 formerly diesel generator powered RTGs will be equipped with Vahle's fully automated drive-in power collector system including Laser-Off-Track-Protection by end of 2011. Further 7 km of Vahle‘s unique design stationary power supply system will be installed to carry a double-sided 4-pole conductor bar system and guide the RTG‘s drive-in power collector system.

The system allows ERTGs to be connected fully-automated via a telescopic arm to the public power grid while working in a container aisle and disconnecting in only seconds to flexibly change aisles and connect to the power supply system of the next aisle. When the E-RTG is connected the diesel power generator can be switched off.

Mr. K.T. Lee, Modern Terminals' General Manager: "Via a touchpad on the E-RTG, an operator can easily control the connection of an automated telescopic arm to a conductor rail system so as to facilitate crane mobility at our stacking yard."

Mr. Horace Lo, MTL's Chief Development Officer & Director of Engineering: "This is another major step Modern Terminals takes in line with our pledge to protect and improve the environment. These E-RTGs will be powered by city electricity instead of built-in diesel generator set, which means zero carbon dioxide will be directly emitted by these cranes during their operation." Dirk Korn, Vahle´s Managing Director, confirmed at the ceremony: "We are sure that our system will benefit MTL in reducing CO2 emissions and diesel engine noise. Also, maintenance and diesel cost can be reduced while sustaining the operational performance."

For Vahle this project is recently the most important order in the area of port applications. Vahle installed a test system at MTL's facility in Hong Kong Port in February 2010. This system was extensively tested by MTL operators and proven it's fitness for use.

For Vahle's Managing Director Dirk Korn this is a successful team effort of Vahle‘s highly skilled professionals from sales, engineering, product management and manufacturing. "In continuous contact to MTL everybody at Vahle has been enthusiastic of implementing the high requirements of a top performing port operator into the new Vahle e-RTG system at home in Kamen, Germany or at the MTL's premises in Hong Kong. We take pride in this significant milestone of Vahle's almost 100 years of history in 2012."

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