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Multi-Support Electrification Profile System

The all new VAHLE multi support profile VMT has been specifically designed to meet the highly diverse requirements of automated storage and retrieval installations, as well as material handling, conveying, or factory automation applications. VAHLE VMT offers users the opportunity to install multiple VAHLE conductor system types using a lightweight & compact steel profile.

Benefits of Multi-Support Profile System

  • 3.5m (11’-6”) Support spacing
  • Compatible with VAHLE U15, U25, VKS
  • Simple & quick installation
  • Integration of VAHLE positioning systems
  • Provides impact protection for conductor systems
  • Supplied in 6m (19’-8”) sections
  • Can be mounted in two orientations – “face out” & “face down”
Technical Data System Data
VMT Multi Support Profile Galvanized Steel Number of Conductors 4 to 7
VMT Multi Support Profile length 6 m Max. Voltage 690 V
Max. support distance (variable) 3 m - 3.5 m Current 60 to 400 A
Support Hanger Universal Duty Cycle 100%
    Approvals UL
    Max. Operating Speed 600 m/min
    Temperature Range -22°F +185°F
Possible System Variants
(face out orientations)
U15 U25 VKS4 VKS6

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