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Powerail VKS Conductor Bar System

VKS Powerail Conductor System Powerail VKS is a space saving conductor bar system, designed to prevent accidental touch to regulations VDE 0470 part 1 (EN 60529). It consists of a flat PVC housing and pure copper or stainless steel conductors. The minimum space required allows the system to be integrated in the crane or hoist track. Multipole systems with 3, 4, or 6 conductors are available and several housings can be easily combined to get as many conductors as required. VKS can be used for indoor and roof-over (rain-protected) applications. The system is designed for hoists, stacker cranes, monorails, machine tools, testing lines and many other types of mobile equipment. The PVC housing holds 3 - 6 conductors for power supply and control functions. Standard lengths are 6 m, plus specific lengths as required.

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