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Light Rail, Monorails, Maglev

Light Rail, Monorails, Maglev

Light Rail is an urban, electric transit system that operates on public rights-of-way. Also called light rail transit or fast tram, these modes of transportation can consist of a single car or multiple cars coupled together. Light rail can sometimes share the roadway with other motorized vehicles, while at other times, it runs on a separate motorway. Additionally, it can operate on monorails, elevated tracks, and grade-separated pathways. VAHLE was a pioneer in electrifying maglevs. See the Shanghai TRANSRAPID in the picture — the first commercial magnetic levitation train, where VAHLE provided specially designed heavy-duty conductor rails AEC100 for the acceleration of the maglev train to magnetic levitation speeds. Similar VAHLE conductor rails AEC100N were later used for stop charging of catenary-free trams in Zaragoza, Luxembourg, and other cities.

VAHLE offers dependable electrification solutions for light rail systems including conductor bar for power and charging. We offer over 111 years of knowledge and expertise to ensure your light rail is up and running when needed.

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