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Absolute Positioning System

Absolute Positioning SystemVAHLE offers an absolute positioning system (APOS). APOS positioning systems with VAHLE conductor lines were developed for automated handling systems in material flow technology. The control system can constantly query the absolute position of the mobile consumer.

APOS Positioning System Operation

A reading head similar to a current collector reads positioning off a code rail. The code rail is typically installed with a conductor system (enclosed or unipole). Absolute positioning refers to the accuracy of positioning. For the absolute positioning system the accuracy is ~1mm (~1/32"). Mobile equipment or vehicles can be fully automated with power (conductor system), data transfer (VAHLE data systems) and positioning (VAHLE APOS). From a stationary control room you have the ability to power a moving vehicle, communicate with it, and know precisely where it is located.

System Advantages

  • Absolute position determination up to 524 m
  • Space-saving solutions for integration into the powerail system or for installation in parallel to the runway
  • Retrofittable for U 10, FABA 100 and VKS 10
  • Absolute position immediately available when switching on or after a power failure
  • Reliable position detection even in humid or dusty environments
  • Trouble-free functionality even in poor lighting conditions
  • Travel speed up to 5 m/s
  • The system enables the combination of horizontally and vertically combined handling equipment

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