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Absolute Positioning System

Absolute Positioning SystemVAHLE’s APOS (Absolute Positioning System) is an exclusive and innovative solution that provides absolute positioning data down to +/- 1mm. Developed initially for automated handling systems in material flow technology; this versatile product has grown to include use in assembly automation, crane and port technology, and amusement applications.

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System Operation

3 system types of APOS are available for a wide variety of applications. A special magnetic strip or barcode is read by the mobile consumer and transmits the positioning data. Unaffected by travel direction or interruptions, vehicles can be removed from the line and reinserted in a different position. Each system can be installed independently or in conjunction with VAHLE power & data solutions giving users the ability to power a moving vehicle, communicate with it and know its precise location.

System Types

Magnetic – Using a magnetic code band and reading head, this system can be operated stand alone or integrated with U10 and VKS/VKS 10 in dusty or humid environments with travel speeds up to 12m/s.

Optical – Using a barcode and dual camera reading head, this contactless system with travel speed up to 180 m/min was especially developed for automated processes such as EMS Lines.

Contactless - Utilizes the housing of our KBH or MKH conductor bar with a special contactless reading head trolley. Does not interfere with internal conductors being used for power/control.

Magnetic Absolute Positioning System Optical Absolute Positioning System Contactless Absolute Positioning System

System Advantages

  • Absolute position determination up to 524 m
  • Space-saving solutions for integration into the powerail system or for installation in parallel to the runway
  • Retrofittable for U 10, FABA 100 and VKS 10
  • Absolute position immediately available when switching on or after a power failure
  • Reliable position detection even in humid or dusty environments
  • Trouble-free functionality even in poor lighting conditions
  • Travel speed up to 5 m/s
  • The system enables the combination of horizontally and vertically combined handling equipment

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