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CPS – Contactless Power System

Contactless Power System

VAHLE’s CPS (Contactless Power System) provides mobile inductive power transfer for a variety of applications. With no limit to travel speed or acceleration, no maintenance from wear components and unaffected by environmental conditions, VAHLE’s CPS is an innovative solution to a demanding applications.

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System Operation

Using the principle of inductive power transfer, power is transmitted as the mobile “pick up” unit travels along the path of the electric coils, typically installed on an I-Beam or under concrete on the floor. Data signals can also be transmitted this way. Contact VAHLE for all technical specifications and quoting for your application.

Advantages of CPS System

  • No maintenance of wear/contact components
  • No limit on travel speeds or acceleration
  • No noise or debris/dust from contact – ideal for clean room applications
  • Unaffected by extreme environmental conductions
  • High-Efficiency thanks to continuing development and evolution of components

E-Shaped Pick Up vs Flat Pick Up

Contactless Power System Contactless Power System

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