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Today’s amusement industry has become an area for groundbreaking technologies as designers push the limits to create experiences the guests will never forget. To help achieve the next generation of rides and keep the classics running smoothly, rider designers and theme parks around the world turn to VAHLE. Industry leaders accomplish this by utilizing our electrification, data and positioning systems to create unparalleled experiences for guests while keeping safety and reliability a top priority.

Electrification Solutions

Data & Positioning Solutions

The industry leaders, including Universal and Disney, all rely on VAHLE for their current and latest attractions. VAHLE solutions such as conductor bar and charging contacts power rides & interactive functions, while our APOS positioning and SMG data transfer give operators unprecedented control. Combing these solutions has allowed designers the freedom to create fully immersive ride experiences.

Common Applications

  • Dark Rides
  • Canned Rides
  • Giant Wheels
  • Stadium Roofs

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