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Cable Track Management Systems

Cable management systems provide power via wire, cable tracks and or hoses from a stationary source to a moving vehicle requiring power. The concept is the same as using an extension cord, but cable management systems keep the cable organized and are designed for the flexing and movement required for industrial use. There are several types of cable management systems available. Typical systems that utilize cable management solutions include cranes, extrusion machinery, car wash hoses and automation equipment requiring movement.

Hose / Cable Festoon Systems

Hose / cable festoon systems feature a steel, stainless steel or PVC cable track enclosure for carriers (with wheels) to ride within. The cable carriers have saddles in many different sizes and types to accommodate one or multiple cables and hoses. These systems are also referred to as cable trolley systems.

I-Beam Cable / Hose Festoon Systems

These systems operate in the same manner as C-Track festoon system except the cable carriers run on standard shape I-Beams. I-Beam carriers can operate faster than Cable Track systems and can carry very large and heavy cable packages. These systems can also be motorized to be able to handle very fast operating STS, Ship to Shore, cranes.

Spring-Operated Cable Reels

Cable reels can be used for many systems that require the payout and retrieval of cable to a moving vehicle. These are often used for lifting devices or to connect power to equipment during maintenance.

Motor Powered Cable Reels

Motor driven cable reels are typically used for systems that require a heavy duty cable reel. Motor driven cable tracks can accommodate heavier cables over longer distances than spring operated cable reels.

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