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Transit & People Movers

Electric powered transit systems such as light rail, monorails and automated people movers require reliable, efficient and long lasting solutions. VAHLE is the world leader in providing these qualities in our mobile electrification and charging contacts products. Additionally, VAHLE can offer the expertise for engineering services, installation and commissioning.

Many of the industry leaders, including Universal and Disney, rely on VAHLE for their latest and greatest attractions. Along with electrification, VAHLE offers advanced data transmission and positioning systems allowing for unprecedented control of amusement vehicles. By utilizing the complete VAHLE package, industry leaders are able to offer a unique, imaginative and pioneering rides while reducing queue times and improving reliability.

Electrification Solutions

Data & Positioning Solutions

VAHLE offers many benefits for transit and people moving applications. High travel speeds and low maintenance with our open conductor bar systems are large advantages for airport tram systems or light rails. Unique arrangements for traditional applications such as incline lifts & elevators are also possible.

Common Applications

  • Lifts & Elevators
  • Tram (Shuttle) Systems
  • Transit

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