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Data Transfer / Communication Systems

With over 100 years of experience providing mobile power solutions VAHLE’s solutions have evolved to include mobile data transfer/communication systems. VAHLE offers several types of these systems to meet the demands of any application. With data speeds up to 100Mpbs and the ability to utilize existing VAHLE conductor bar, VAHLE’s data transfer/communication solutions offer extremely versatility and dependability.

Types of Data Transfer /Communication Systems

Typical applications for (mobile) data communication systems include assembly automation and process equipment as well as entertainment industry applications.

VAHLE Powercom® 485 - Data Transmission System

The original VAHLE data transfer system, Powercom is used in conjunction with VAHLE conductor bar. It uses 2 conductors to communicate via a 485 network to multiple vehicles on a system. The remaining conductor bars can be used to power the mobile vehicles allowing a complete power & data solution in 1 space saving package.

Slotted Microwave Guide – S M G

An independent wireless fully secure enclosed data transfer /communication solution – SMG is an industry leading solution to mobile data needs. 3 different SMG profiles are available with data transfer rates up to 100Mpbs. Immune from outside interference and with a self-contained signal that will not interfere with existing site systems.

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