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VAHLE INC. 713-465-9796
KATY, TX 77494


A family owned and operated company founded in Germany in 1912, VAHLE is a global manufacturer of mobile electrification, data positioning and control products. VAHLE designs, produces and supplies conductor bar systems for assembly lines, cable festoon systems for cranes, charging contacts for AGVs, data transfer for automated machines and positioning for advanced automation.

VAHLE Inc. opened in Houston, Texas in 1973. A fully owned subsidiary of VAHLE GmbH, VAHLE Inc. supplies North America with proven products, engineered solutions and installation and maintenance services.

The VAHLE Difference

VAHLE was founded by Paul Vahle over one hundred years ago. Working at a steel mill, he was dissatisfied with the current methods of powering heavy mobile equipment. He knew there had to be a better way so Paul designed and patented the original conductor bar system. His system is still used in many applications today.

Through the years, VAHLE’s expertise has expanded beyond the standard conductor bar. SMG, our Slotted Microwave Guide products, offers wireless mobile data transfer inside specialty designed housing that block outside interference. APOS, our Absolute Positioning Systems, supply absolute positioning down to +/- 1mm, which allows unprecedented control and automation.  VAHLE offers multiple options: enclosed conductor bars, cable festoon systems, charging contacts, inductive power and control boxes.

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