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I-Beam Cable Festoon Systems

W65CarrierVAHLE I-Beam Festoon Systems are the ideal solution for medium to high duty applications and environments. With a wide variety of carriers available from economical models to customized motor-driven carriers, VAHLE has the right solution for your application. Key benefits of VAHLE festoon systems include ease of maintenance and high reliability in any environment.  VAHLE offers pre-assembled systems for simple installation and locally sourced spare parts. 

Product Advantages

Multiple carrier types available   

Ease of maintenance with independently removable wheels

Customizable with single or double tier saddles  

Optional kick-up and side rollers available  

Multiple I-Beam Carrier Types Available


VAHLE I-Beam cable carriers are available in a wide variety of styles for any application including steel mills, coking plants and ship to shore cranes. Featuring galvanized or vulcanized wheels and a wide range of aluminum support saddles, VAHLE I-beam cable carriers are built to withstand even the most demanding environments while offering simple maintenance for increased user friendliness.