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eRTG Cranes

eRTG Cranes

eRTG Cranes are electrified rubber tired gantry cranes. A gantry crane straddles an object, storage area or workspace. They are typically found in shipping terminals. The eRTG crane is a mobile gantry crane that moves shipping containers from dockside to either a truck or storage area in another location in the yard. Their size is determined by the lifting capacity required. The eRTGcrane is also used in industries that require lifting an object like engines out of a machine and moving it to another location in the shop. 

VAHLE developed a program that easily integrates with your existing RTG cranes to eliminate fuel management issues and reduce maintenance needs including conductor bar for power and SMG for data communication. We offer over 100 years of knowledge and expertise to ensure your eRTG crane is up and running when needed.

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