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Conductor Bar

Conductor Bar

Conductor bar systems were developed as a safe, reliable way to transfer electricity from a stationary source to a mobile device. The system operates with conductor bar stationed along the path the mobile device follows. Mounted on the device, a current collector maintains contact with the conductor bar as it travels along the path. This allows the flow of electricity from the conductor to the mobile device. The original conductor bar was patented in 1912 by Paul Vahle, a worker in a German steel mill. His invention started over 100 years of innovations in mobile power solutions. Today, Paul’s original conductor bar is still in use along with a variety of solutions engineered by VAHLE for any application

Features & Benefits

Wide range of amperage and voltage ratings for any application

Curves and cut lengths for customization to your requirements.

Optimized for safety with touch-safe housing and UL approvals on many models  

 Over 100 years of engineering experience and innovation


System Types