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Galvanizing Cranes

Galvanizing Cranes

VAHLE offers an extensive portfolio of solutions designed to meet the distinctly harsh conditions in galvanizing plants. Our festoons/cable carriers and conductor bars can withstand the harsh chemicals and high temperatures — including extreme heat — present during the manufacturing and treatment process. These products feature stainless steel and PVC plastic to minimize galvanic corrosion and support efficiency and productivity.

Our acid- and corrosion-resistant festoons and time-tested conductor bars are designed to provide a reliable, uninterrupted power supply to electric hoists, heavy-duty galvanizing cranes and interlocking crane systems. In general, our recommended festoons are resistant to abrasive dust, acid and salty atmospheres present during the degreasing, pickling and fluxing processes. We offer both traditional cable carriers that rely on wheels and a special gliding cable carrier made of PVC plastic that allows for peak performance during the true galvanizing process.

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