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Charging Contacts (BLS / BLK)

BLSBLK 200 Amp Charging Contacts

An optimal solution for a variety of markets.

Charging contacts are designed to transmit energy, carry control currents and data communication signals. We offer an optimized standard portfolio with a large variety of additional solutions that makes this a truly universal solution for multiple industries.

Our optimized standard portfolio consists of charging contacts ranging from 10 to 600 Amp in single and double phase with additional pilot contact option. If your application needs specific requirements due to challenging conditions, VAHLE also offers custom engineered solutions. Reach out to our sales staff and get connected with our engineering experts.

Features & Benefits

Easy Installation

Space Efficient

Increased Productivity

Cost Efficient

System Types

BLS/BLK Charging Contacts

BLS/BLK Charging Contacts

As autonomous equipment becomes a bigger part in today’s supply chain and entertainment industry, reliability, safety and increased productivity are the highest priority. Our BLS/BLK charging contacts can be integrated easily, making it the number one reason why it is the optimal low-cost solution for any application requiring battery charging. If you are looking for a power solution that fits your application needs, we have a wide range of models. Set up dedicated charging stations or have several charging areas within your vehicles path to allow for opportunity charging. Models range from 0 Amps to 600 Amps and offer additional pilot contacts for increased safety. VAHLE also offers complete customization which can include shape, size, color and amperage rating.

SLS/SLSM Charging Contacts

SLS/SLSM Charging Contacts

Designed for the demands of high speed storage and retrieval systems, this compact and efficient system is available in lengths up to 4 meters. Especially suited for quick opportunity charging of batteries typically found in min-shuttle applications. Length can be expanded or reduced as required per application.