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Track Cable Festoon Systems

track cable festoon systemsVAHLE offers a variety of track mounted cable festoon systems for effective cable management in light to medium duty applications. These systems allow for the movement and organization of cables and/or hoses for providing required power and control signals to mobile equipment. A reliable, efficient and economical solution with multiple track types for various applications.

Product Advantages

Multiple track profiles for any application  

Cost effective cable management solution for light to medium duty

Exclusive K1 PVC solution for corrosive environments

Simple installation and low maintenance

Festoon Track Options

VAHLE provides multiple track solutions depending on the application specifics and environment. These options include:  

C-Track Systems are the industry standard cable festoon systems for light to medium duty applications. Featuring three different size tracks with internally riding carriers, the C-Track System is VAHLE’s most economical and proven solution. Typical applications include bridge electrification for overhead cranes, gantry cranes and workstation cranes, waste water treatment plants and car wash systems. 

Square/Diamond Track Systems are a special VAHLE solution. The V3 Track features a unique diamond or square profile with carriers riding externally. Ideally suited for dusty and /or dirty environments and applications featuring curves, the enclosed shape and slope of the tracks prevents build-up of dirt and debris and can be easily cleaned during regular maintenance cycles.

K1 PVC Track Systems are an exclusive VAHLE solution. The K1 Track features a similar design to C-Track but with an all PVC construction with stainless steel hardware. Specifically designed for extremely corrosive or hazardous environments, K1 also features special PVC “glider” style carriers. These features make K1 the ideal solution for galvanizing plants, sewage treatment facilities, or any area with acid baths or extremely corrosive environments.

Trolley ProfileTypeTrack MaterialCarrier MaterialSelection Guide
cable festoon system S1 Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel


  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Light-Medium Duty
  • Economical
cable festoon system V3 Galvanized Steel

Stainless Steel

  • Indoor/Outdoor Systems
  • Dusty / Dirty Environments
  • Curves
cable festoon system K1 PVC PVC

  • Indoor/Outdoor Systems
  • Corrosive Environment