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The Detroit Demo Center (DDC) is VAHLE’s North American headquarters for automation solutions. Ideally located in the automotive industrial region of Detroit, Michigan, the DDC offers system demonstrations, training, and in-house testing to consumers from a wide array of industries including material handling, automotive, crane and steel working. 

The Detroit Demo Center showcases several of VAHLE’s proven solutions on live product demos ranging from an inductive vPOWER test track to a full-size EMS line featuring a vDRIVE control system to seamlessly integrate U10 for power, SMGM for data communication, and APOS Optic for positioning. 

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In-House Product Demos

Electrified Monorail System (EMS)

Electrified Monorail System (EMS)

vPOWER Contactless Power Supply

vPOWER Contactless Power Supply

Gantry Crane

Gantry Crane


Assembly lines and guided rail applications require more power and intelligent automation than ever before. The DDC’s in-house demo is a fully functional scale mock-up of a standard EMS line, complete with an EMS isolation section and showcasing VAHLE’s vDrive controls, vPOS positioning systems, vCOM communication systems and U10 conductor bar. Trusted manufacturers rely on VAHLE solutions to provide electrified monorail systems capable of navigating complex layouts, track switches and curves with ease.

This demo consists of:
  • vDRIVE controls including a Siemens PLC with changeable function blocks
  • 180mm Aluminum EMS Profile
  • 4 poles for U10 conductor bar
  • 2 poles used for vCOM communications systems
  • 2 Poles used for vPOS positioning systems
Detroit Demo Center U10 480v Insulated Conductor bar
  • Fully insulated & touch safe housing
  • 10-100 amp capacity
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Can be curved
Detroit Demo Center VAHLE DETO- DCS Series One Controller w/ remote control
  • Frequency converter modules from 0.5kW to 2.2kW (optional multi-axle drives to 10.0kW)
  • HWES, PCM or PCB communications modules available
  • Can integrate with multiple PLCs
Detroit Demo Center Slotted Microwave Guide Mini (SMGM)
  • Data rates up to 100 Mbps
  • Full Duplex Communications
  • Ethernet Interface
  • Travel speeds up to 180 m/min
Detroit Demo Center Optical Absolute Positioning System (APOS)
  • Accuracy down to +/- 1mm
  • Contactless
  • Travel speeds up to 180 m/min
  • Works up to 10,000 m total system length
  • Able to bridge code gaps of 40mm
  • Mounts to standard collector bracket
  • Utilizes RS485, Deto or Sick/Leuze protocols

vPower 140kHz & 20Khz Contactless Power Supply System and Test Tracks

vPOWER is the next generation of contactless power supply developed by VAHLE. With frequency transmission capabilities ranging from 20 kHz to 140kHz and silicon carbide semiconductors - vPOWER offers a smaller size, lower cost and increased power density compared to standard contactless power solutions. With no limit to travel speed or acceleration, no maintenance from wear components and unaffected by environmental conditions, VAHLE's vPOWER is an innovative solution to demanding applications.

This demo consists of:
    140 KHZ
  • Utilizes a 10kW Primary Power Unit
  • Space-saing vPOWER Flat F330 3.3kW 140kHz Pickup
  • Compact Track Power Compensation boxes
  • Pairs with a PX45 Litz Cable running at 45amps (110M)
    20 KHZ
  • Utilizes a 10kW Primary Power Unit
  • Compact vPOWER Flat F330 3.3kW 20kHz Pickup
  • Track Power Compensation boxes
  • Pairs with a PX124 Litz Cable running at 124 amps
Detroit Demo Center 10 kW PRIMARY POWER UNIT (PPU)
  • 140 kHz demo's PPU works in applications up to 45A or 140kHz
  • 20 kHz demo's PPU works in applications up to 125A or 20kHz
  • Compatible with Profinet-IO, EtherNet/IP or CC-Link EE
Detroit Demo Center VPOWER PILOT
  • Primary Cable Guidance with Profinet-IO
  • Multiple interfaces available: RS485, CAN, PROFINET-IO, EtherNet-IP and CC Link
  • Protection class: 54
Detroit Demo Center RE330 Regulator
  • Externally mounted
  • 560VDC
  • Peak Power 3.3kW @ 40% duty cycle

Gantry Crane

At worksites around the world, gantry cranes of varying size and design are expected to carry and move heavy loads efficiently and intelligently to limit disruptions and downtime. VAHLE solutions automate gantry crane operations to provide seamless, cost-effective operations. With power, positioning and data solutions, partnering with VAHLE allows for optimal performance and maximized output and production capabilities.

This demo consists of:
  • 4,000 lb. Gantry Crane with Electric Trolley, Hoist and Remote Motion Controls Power
  • 4 poles of KBH conductor bar or U20 conductor bar for power
  • vCOM SMG-T (Slotted Microwave Guide)
  • vPOS Contactless Magnetic Positioning s
Detroit Demo Center KBH Enclosed Conductor bar
  • Enclosed design to protect against environmental concerns in both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Up to 200A
  • Curves & specialty sections available for custom applications
Detroit Demo Center U20 Unipole conductor bar
  • 80-210 Amp capacity
  • Works in both indoor and outdoor systems
  • Compact sizing for reduced space requirements
Detroit Demo Center Slotted Microwave Guide
  • Displays live video from the crane
  • Secure and reliable data transmission
  • Up to 100Mbps
  • Fully integrable with VAHLE products
Detroit Demo Center CONTACTLESS Magnetic Positioning System (vPOS)
  • Integrated into the KBH Housing
  • Accurate down to +/- 1mm
  • Up to 515m system length
  • Travel speeds up to 12m/s

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