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APOS (Absolute Positioning System) VAHLE Inc.

absolute positioning systenVAHLE’s APOS (Absolute Positioning System) is an exclusive and innovative solution that provides absolute positioning data down to +/- 1mm. Originally designed for automated handling systems in material flow technology, this versatile product is now used in a wide variety of industries, inclduing assembly automation, crane and port technology, and amusement applications.

System Operation

VAHLE’s contactless APOS features a magnetic barcode that transmits data positioning information as it is read by a mobile consumer. Unaffected by travel direction or interruptions, vehicles can be removed from the line and reinserted in a different position. The system can be installed independently or in conjunction with other VAHLE power and data solutions, providing users with the ability to power a moving vehicle, communicate with it and know its precise location.

Features & Benefits

Position determination down to 1 mm

Simple integration with other VAHLE solutions

Immediate disruption recovery

Reliability in difficult conditions.

System Types



Using a magnetic code band installed in the housing of KBH, MKH or SMH, APOS contactless offers a fully integrated power and positioning or data and positioning solution. A special contactless reading head travels along the profile to supply positioning down to 1mm. Ideal for applications in more demanding environments. Travel speeds up to 6 m/s with a system length of up to 515 meters.