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Absolute Positioning Systems (Magnetic, Contactless, Optic)

absolute positioning systenVAHLE’s APOS (Absolute Positioning System) is an exclusive and innovative solution that provides absolute positioning data down to +/- 1mm. Developed initially for automated handling systems in material flow technology; this versatile product has grown to include use in assembly automation, crane and port technology, and amusement applications.

System Operation

3 system types of APOS are available for a wide variety of applications. A special magnetic strip or barcode is read by the mobile consumer and transmits the positioning data. Unaffected by travel direction or interruptions, vehicles can be removed from the line and reinserted in a different position. Each system can be installed independently or in conjunction with VAHLE power & data solutions giving users the ability to power a moving vehicle, communicate with it and know its precise location.

Features & Benefits

Position determination down to 1 mm

Simple integration with other VAHLE solutions

Immediate disruption recovery

Reliability in difficult conditions.

System Types



Using a magnetic code band and reading head, this provides positioning down to 1mm and integrates seamlessly with U10 and VKS10. It can also be installed separately as a standalone solution and retrofitted to existing systems. Allows for travel speeds up to 12 m/s and system lengths up to 515 meters.



Using a barcode tape and dual camera reading head, this contactless system was especially developed for automated processes such as EMS Lines. Full integration with VAHLE’s U10 conductor bar and DETO control boxes allow for an efficient and effective solution for EMS and other automated process applications. Travels up to 3 m/s with a system length of up to 10,000 meters.



Using a magnetic code band installed in the housing of KBH, MKH or SMH, APOS contactless offers a fully integrated power and positioning or data and positioning solution. A special contactless reading head travels along the profile to supply positioning down to 1mm. Ideal for applications in more demanding environments. Travel speeds up to 6 m/s with a system length of up to 515 meters.