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Contactless Power Supply

VAHLE’s contactless power systems (CPS) provide inductive power transfer for a variety of applications. With no limit to travel speed or acceleration, no maintenance from wear components and unaffected by environmental conditions, VAHLE’s CPS is an innovative solution to demanding applications. 

System Operation

Using the principle of inductive power transfer, power is transmitted as the “pick up” unit travels along the path of the electric coils. The coils are typically installed on an I-Beam or under concrete on the floor. Data signals can also be transmitted via CPS. Contact VAHLE for technical specifications and quotes for your particular application.

Features & Benefits

Maintenance-Free, no wear components

No limit on travel speed or acceleration

High-Efficiency thanks to continuing evolution of components 

Wide range of pick up units to meet your power requirements

System Types

VAHLE Contactless Power Supply

VAHLE Contactless Power Supply

VAHLE’s traditional line of contactless solutions, includes a wide variety of pick up units suitable to any application. The required track current of 70A results in an exceptionally high degree of efficiency. In addition to basic current supply, features such as inductive data transmission and inductive track guidance may also be integrated to meet a wide spectrum of material handling requirements.

VAHLE vPower

VAHLE vPower

vPower is the next generation of contactless power supply developed by VAHLE. Utilizing a frequency of 140kHz and silicon carbide semiconductors – vPower offers a smaller size, lower cost and increased power density compared to standard contactless power solutions. vPower offers scalable 10kW power modules available in a variety of sizes along with a sensor system for track guidance.