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Open Conductor Bar Systems

open conductor bar systems

While working in a steel mill in 1912, Paul Vahle began designing more effective and safer methods of mobile power transfer. At the time, the common method was traveling wires which did not provide a secure contact, generated a lot of sparks and broke easily and often. The result of his efforts was the original open conductor bar, which is still used today. The standard version is a copper bar mounted onto a T-Shaped steel beam. The copper bar transfers the electrical current safely while the T-bar provides a robust and reliable mount.

Product Advantages

Robust design suitable for any environment  

Low maintenance equals cost savings

Curve sections available for custom applications

Ideal solution for high voltage/amperage requirements

System Types

ProfileTypeRail ProfileConductorMax Amp @ 60%Selection Guide
A20 L20 Steel Copper 580
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Mild Power
  • No Environmental Concerns
A20 Aluminum Copper 580
F35 F35 Steel Copper 940
  • Indoor/Outdoor Systems
  • Medium Power
  • Mild Environmental Concerns
A35 Aluminum Copper 1035
F45 F45 Steel Copper 940
  • Indoor/Outdoor Systems
  • High Power
  • Corrosive Environment
A45 Aluminum Copper 1870
C 20-60 C20-60 Copper Copper 3050
  • Indoor/Outdoor Systems
  • Extreme Power
  • High heat and/or Intense Environmental Conditions

VAHLE open conductor bar systems are a proven solution for a variety of heavy-duty applications including steel mills & foundries, loading bridges, container handling equipment and coking plants. VAHLE has continued to improve upon the original design by offering fiberglass conductor rails for extremely corrosive environments, aluminum systems for lower weight and greater conductivity and solid copper designs for demanding power requirements.